Diamond Chains
MaxCut Diamond Chains are engineered for superior performance, enhanced cutting speed and extended cutting life. Created, Built & Assembled in Chicago, IL - USA.

Patented Debris Protection Efficiently Cuts Concrete, Brick, Decorative Stone
Bumper Protection for Segments Cut Precise, Square Corners
Segment every link for lower vibration/longer life and smoother cutting Available in Two Pitches with Sizes for Existing Guide Bars
16” Diamond Blade  
K970 814, 853
680 / 613, 623 DS06, DS11
695 / 633 C50, C150
660 / RZ 60 / 603 Minisaw
880 F4 W630 HF
890 F4 K970 Prime
701 F4 TK 480 HF
16” Diamond Blade  
695 F4  

All diamond chains are available in two bonds MaxCut� L or MaxCut� S.
> MaxCut� L: Longer cutting life for abrasive, soft, medium material.
> MaxCut� S: Faster cutting speed for hard, heavy reinforced material.

MaxCut Hydraulic Chains
MaxCut Gasoline Chains

MaxCut Electric Chains

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