MITO Quick Tension Chainsaws

MITO QT chainsaw, mitochainsaw, quick tension chainsaw, mito chainsaw, quick tension. qt chainsaw

Patented 1 Step Chain Tension System


Three Phase High Cycle Electric

Single Phase Electric

Diamond Chains

ics diamond chain, maxcut diamond chain, toolgal diamond chain, ics powergrit, MZ3 chain, guidebar

Aftermarket Diamond Chains 

Compatible with all saws & chain pitch

Concrete & Ductile Iron

Guidebars & Sprockets

chainsaw guidebars
ics guidebar
890 sprockets
stihl sprockets
maxcut guidebars

Aftermarket Guidebars & Sprockets for all diamond chainsaws on market. 

Hydraulic, Gasoline, Electric

Available in any chain pitch

Dr. Schulze Core Drill Motors

Dr schulze ddm22 dr schulze gmbh, dr schulze core drills, weka core drills, core drill motors ddm33

DDM22 - 3 Speed Hand Held Pistol Grip

DDM33 - 3 Speed Rig Mount 

High Peformance

Made in Germany

Dr. Schulze Core Drill Rigs

Dr schulze gmbh core drilling; core drill rig, core drill stand; Dr schulze d350r drschulze d14

  Dr. Schulze Core Drill Rigs

Professional Grade

Available for handheld & rig mount machines

Dr. Schulze High Cycle Chainsaw

Dr schulze chainsaw, highcycle chainsaw, high frequency chainsaw 480V concrete chainsaw MITO saw

480V 3 Phase / 230V 1 Phase Chainsaw

Lightweight / Aluminum Casted Body

Power Inverter Included

Universal Bars & Chains up to 20"

Flush Cut

Concrete Diamond Chainsaws


 Hydraulic Chainsaws

480V High Cycle Chainsaws

110V / 230V Electric Chainsaws

17" RGC Ring Saw


12.5" Cutting Depth

.160" & .235" Width Blades

Long Life Roller Guiding System

Available in 12 GPM Hydraulic 

Cardi Electric Handsaws


TP400 - 16" 120V Electric Hand Saw

PE400 - 16" 230V Electric Hand Saw

PE350 - 14" 120V Electric Hand Saw

Flush cut curb saw

RGC hydraulics flush cut hand saw hydraulic tools hydraulic handsaw concrete handsaw curb cut saw

Hydraulic Flush Cut Hand Saw

Curb Cutting

Wall Cutting

Hydraulic Core Drills


Hand Held & Rig Mount


5 GPM - 8 GPM

Hydraulic Power Units


Portable Hydraulic Power Packs

230V / 480V Electric or Gasoline

Dual Power Units

5-12 GPM

Pro Wall Saw Blades

Cyclone Diamond Products Wall Saw Blades

Professional Series Wall Saw Blades

Multiple Bonds & Segments Specs

Hydraulic Wall Saw Machines

High Frequency Wall Saw Machines

Top Selling 32" Pentruder Blades

Pro Slab Saw Walk Behind Blades


Pro Cured Blades

Multiple Bond & Concentration

Heavy Highway Road Cutting

High HP Saws & Low HP Saws

in stock up to 54"

Asphalt Over Concrete / Asphalt Blades

Asphalt Diamond Blades
Asphalt Blades Chicago
Asphalt over concrete diamond blades
diamond blades

High Diamond Concentration

Fast Cutting Speed

Extra Undercut Protection

Top Seller for Chicagoland Market

Core Bis

Core Drilling Chicago
Core Bits Chicago
Precast core bits
diamond core bits
Core Drilling
crown bits

Professional Core Drilling Solutions

Turbo, Pattern Diamond, Precast, Stone,

14" & 18" barrels

Continuous Tubing 

Heavy Inventory up to 24" always in stock

Custom Core bits 48 hr turn around

High Speed Diamond Blades


High Speed Hand Saw Blades

Market Leading Performance

Concrete, Asphalt, Utility

12" / 14" / 16"

16" Precut .165" / .235" / .250" width

Always in stock

Early Entry / Green Concrete Blades

Soff Cut blades
Green Concrete Cutting
Diamond blades chicago
soff cut diamond blades
green concrete

Pro Slab Saw Green Cutting

Soff Cut & Skid Plates

Multiple sizes & Specs in stock

Grinding & Grooving

Diamond Wire



Vacuum Brazed


Steel Cutting



Heavy Inventory always in stock

Stone Tools



Bridgesaw Blades

Dekton Blades

Core Bits & Turbo Blades

Polishing Pads



High Speed Gas Saw Abrasive Blades

Metal, Concrete, Ductile Iron

Small Diameter

Fire Rescue


Fire Rescue Blades

Roof Ventilation Blades

Rescue Diamond Chain

Demolition Blades



 Core Drill Accessories

Core Drilling Adapters

Quick Bolts

Water Attachments

SDS Max Bits

Slurry Management


Slurry Solutions Product Line

Slurry Safe

Slurry Sep

Slurry Dry

Pavement Marking


PCD Powerhead Systems

Asphalt & Concrete Grinding / Milling

Plates & Drums Available

Made in USA

Stihl Rock Boss GS461


Concrete Diamond Chain & Guidebar 

Ductile Iron Utility Chain packages

Ductile Iron Chain


Chain, Bar, Sprocket Package Deals

Vacuworx Lifting Systems

Vacuworx lifting system. vacuum lifter. hydraulic lifter. vacuworx chicago. vacuwork sl2 ps1 sl seri

Professional Vacuum Lifting Systems

PS Series 

SL Series

Sales & Rental

Laser Welding


Diamond Tool Laser Welding Machines

State of the Art Technology 

Custom Engineering Solutions

Import / Export


Major Importer of diamond tool market products & equipment for the US Market.

Wholesale Distribution

Engineering & Manufacturing


The Bonomi Family thrives in new products, innovation, engineering & manufacturing.

Our key relationships, supply channels & product development capability is our strength.